Hi my name is Noboru Andrew Tsunemine Weiser. I usually go by Noboru or Nobo. I am half Japanese Half American. I am 19 years old and was born and raised in America. However, I spent every summer growing up in Japan for several months at a time. I can speak both English and Japanese fluently and also a little bit of French and Spanish. I usually work on Thursdays from 2- 4 pm during the beginners free talk so please come by and say Hi!








My name is Brynada Hardiman, you can call me ブリナダ. I’m from Indonesia, the country that has 5 islands. I am from Java island and I live in West Java. There are lots of sightseeing spots in my hometown.   I am a freshmen student in Ritsumeikan University majoring policy science. I came to Japan on September 2018 and right now, I’ve been living in Japan for a month.


I enjoy reading books, and currently I’m reading a book named Botchan. I also like to taste new foods, since I’ve been in Japan for quite a while my favorite Japanese food is Donburi. I spend my weekend on doing sports, travelling with my friends, and sometimes  I watch movies too.


I’m looking forward to learn new things from you in English Cafè.








My name is Terje, but you can call me テリエ. I’m from Norway, a small kingdom in the northern part of Europe. Norway is best known for its fjords, mountainous landscape and export of salmon and crude oil. Don’t worry, vikings are (for the most part) extinct.




I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese from the University of Bergen, and a couple of years ago I went on a one year exchange to Hokkaido University of Education as part of my degree. This time around I’m in Osaka for about a years time on a working holiday visa. I like badminton, computer games and Japanese language/animation. However, my true passion lies in games by Nintendo!




三人寄れば文殊の知恵:I learned this proverb in the cafe, and I think it fits well in a language learning setting!


Im looking forward to meeting all of you at English Cafe .



Hello everyone!

My name is Roberto, I am from Italy and my hometown is called Torino.

Torino is a wonderful art city in the northwest of Italy. It is famous for the chocolate called “Gianduiotti”, the Winter Olympic Games 2006 and Juventus (My favorite soccer team!). 

I love Italian food, my favorite is Pizza Margherita and I can cook pasta very well! But I love Japanese food too! Especially, Sushi and Yakitori!

My hobbies are sports, above all I like soccer, MotoGP and basketball. Moreover, I can climb mountains and ski.

I also like travelling, watching movies and Japanese animations!

Now I am living in Osaka. I moved to Japan one year ago wherein I am working as a cancer researcher.

I am really enjoying my new life in Japan!


Nice to meet you!




Hi! My name is Sena, Japanese-Filipino, 4th year student from Kwansei Gakuin University. I used to live in the Philippines for 10 years and went back to Japan for high-school. I speak Tagalog, English, and Japanese, so I can share how I learned three languages at the same time.:)



I love traveling,
surfing, and cooking.  In my free time, I visit art galleries, hang out with my friends, and work at an Italian restaurant. I also love to try things
that I've never done before like swimming with whale sharks, over-night hike on the mountain, pottery and many other things! Can't wait to share different
experience with you all! See you soon!



Hello, my name is Rizky Fajar Pratama, you can call me Rizky. I`m from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. But I only lived in Indonesia for only 10 years. The first time I came to Japan was during the age of 6 until I finished my 4th year of elementary school. After that I went back to Indonesia for short term and went to United State, until I finished my Junior High School. For my high school I went back to Indonesia, but now I`m here in Japan for University. The thing I love about Japan is, the culture, it is very interesting. My hobby is playing sports, especially basketball and soccer.


I want to meet and talk to many different people and hear many kinds of stories. I also hope that I can learn many different kind of things, such as Japanese culture and everyday life. I can`t wait to talk to everyone so please come and talk to me.








My name is Nanshun.  This is my stage name because I am a professional kodan storyteller.  People who perform kodan are called "kodanshi."  I have been a kodanshi for 5 years.


I have lived in Japan for 11 years.  I came from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.  I came to Japan because I wanted to study Japanese history.  I went to shrines, temples, and museums to find out about history in this country.  Finally, I became very interested in the Edo Period, from the Bakumatsu to Meiji Restoration.  When I became a kodanshi, my favorite stories to tell were about Sakamoto Ryoma and Saigo Takamori.


I have travelled to 24 prefectures in Japan.  I have been as far North as Niigata, and as far South as Kagoshima.  My favorite places to visit are Kyoto, Kochi, Nagasaki, and Kagoshima.


While learning history, I have also learned about kimono dressing.  I have a large kimono collection.  I enjoy wearing kimono.  You may see me wearing kimono.



Because I have lived in Japan for so long, I can only remember what the United States used to be before I left, so my knowledge of the USA may not be helpful to advanced students.  In my free time, I watch world history documentaries, so I know a lot of things about the world, not only the USA.  I may be more helpful to beginning students because I can speak Japanese.




I hope to see you at English Cafe .  It would be my pleasure to speak with you!




Hello! My name is Marife and I’m from the Philippines. At present, I’m studying in Osaka University’s English program and I am on my first year. Usually, I spend my day in the library just reading news and other current events worldwide, especially those related to technology and politics.


But maybe that is a bit boring for you so let me tell you about my other interests or favorite things that I like to do. One of them is traveling. I like to go and discover interesting places especially if they’re not very crowded and famous yet. In the future, I intend to travel in the rural areas in Japan and perhaps do some volunteer work. 


Another one of my hobbies is reading books. I love reading books since I was a kid and I think that was a key factor why I was able to learn English really well. I like reading non-fiction books, especially those that are related to Psychology like The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Sometimes I also read fictional stories like detective stories (e.g. Sherlock Holmes) and mystery novels by Agatha Christie. Recently, Western producers have made these classic detective stories into movies or television series and I also enjoyed watching those. I typically watch movies but only if it’s a mystery, action or superhero kind of film.


Lastly, I am also passionate about music. I always play some music no matter what I’m doing. I mostly listen to English songs from bands like Planetshakers, Hillsong, One Republic or The Script. But sometimes I also listen to Japanese bands such as Spyair, UverWorld, One OK Rock and FLOW. I like bands because I know how to play the guitar and piano but I’m not yet very good so I try to practice at least once a week.


I’m looking forward to talking with you about various things!




My name is Tsuda Ekaterina.


I`m from Sakhalin, Russia. In Sakhalin I`ve graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, I`m a qualified English and Japanese teacher. After graduation from the university I`ve been working at a Japanese government organization in Sakhalin. In 2000 I came to Japan, so, I`ve been living in Japan for 17 years. First, I came to Hokkaido as an international student to study at the undergraduate course at the University of Hokkaido, my specialty was Japanese literature of Taisho period. Then I got married to a Japanese and moved to Takatsuki 8 years ago. I am now an English teacher for adults and children. My hobbies are travelling, cooking and watching movies.





Hi, My Name is PANT Shiva.


I am from India and currently studying at Ritsumeikan University. My major is Community and Regional Policy Science(CRPS). My hobbies are to listen to music. In addition to that, I love playing soccer. Travelling is my passion. Till now my favorite place in Japan is Mt. Fuji. Though I don't know what lies in my future because I believe in the motto "to live in the present and to enjoy the moment". 


Thank You


PANT Shiva




Hello everyone, I am Soochi.


I am from India, a country famous for Taj Mahal (one of the seven wonders of the world) and its spices along with spicy food. In India i completed my 12 years of education and now i am in Japan pursuing Policy Science from Ritsumeikan University. japan has amazed me from its perfection and has always been my dream place to live and finally i got it. Being social and interacting with people is not just me hobby but also my interest and i enjoy it. It gives us a chance to learn something we don`t know and teach something they don`t know. My hobbies are writing romantic poetry and fiction. i love playing badminton,dancing and trying new dishes.


This was all about me now i am waiting and looking forward to see you all talk to you and know about you.







Hello! I am Tanya Ghai and I am 18 years old.


I'm from India, currently studying Policy Science in Ritsumeikan University, Ibaraki. I


love talking to new people, reading books and most of all, I love shopping. I am a true foodie at heart and take an interest in trying new food. I aspire to become an English professor one day.


Hope to have many interactions with you :).





My name is Tabita, I come from Chile, the very other side of the world. My mother language is Spanish and I also can communicate properly in Portuguese. The main goal of my coming to Japan is to research on Zen philosophy. I enjoy reading, drawing and listening to music (specially rock, jazz and Brazilian music), but my number one passion is… studying! Mostly anything that can be learnt is interesting to me, so no matter what you talk about, I always look forward to learn something new from you! 






My name is Lory from Philippines. I have been in Japan for almost 14 years. I’m a pure Filipina but Japan has been my dream country to live and to work ever since I was a kid. I admire many things about Japan including the culture, transportation system and the people who are polite and hospitable. I love cooking, talking to the people and sight seeing. In my free time I enjoy meeting friends, walking and window shopping. I am funny, friendly and a good listener. I am very happy to be part of English Café Wa.





Hello hello! My name is Mairtin Steinkamp, but everyone calls me Mars. I’m a software engineer from San Francisco, California working for a video game developer in Osaka. I graduated from the University of California, Davis and have been living in Japan for a little over a year now. Some of my interests include baseball, new technologies, live music (especially Blues!) and exploring new places!




I love meeting new people and hearing about their adventures, so I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your travels abroad!








Hello there! My name is Yoshie Sasagawa. I’m from Malaysia and if you’re wondering why I have a Japanese name, well that’s because I’m partly Japanese! I’ve got the best of both worlds basically. I am a university student in Japan and I’m really keen on meeting new people and especially having conversations with them because we can learn from one another. It’s also all about having a good chat, having fun and relaxing.


So, what are you waiting for? Come on over and unwind while learning English with everyone!








“Hello, my name is Jess Frankel. I’m from Toronto, Canada, and I’ve been living in Japan for about twenty-seven years—half my life! I have lived in many cities over the years, but I like Osaka the best. The food, the people...everything is great. I hope that we can learn from each other.”







I'm Anu from Sri Lanka. I'm graduated from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Majoring Mathematics, Computer Science & Management. I was a Rugby Rider of University team & have participated in many activities also. I'm keen on travelling, watching sports, reading books etc. My main ambition is to do a Master degree and Doctoral degree at last in Osaka University. Currently I'm teaching English and getting refresh my mind to live happily.

I got married to Erandi, who is currently studying her Master degree in Chemistry at Osaka University and will be continuing till Doctoral degree.





My name is Martin and I am originally from Cornwall. That is the most southern part of England. I went to school and Art College in England and after working there for some years then moved to Africa where I lived and worked for over 20 years as an artist.


My wife is Japanese, we met and married in England and then came to live in Japan. I still paint but now more as a hobby. I like Live music, mostly Blues or Traditional Jazz, fishing for trout, reading and doing code word-that’s a type of crossword.


I’m really looking forward to meeting as many students of English as I can and at the same time learn and find out about Japanese culture and attitude to life so let’s get together soon.


Remember, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life, so what are you waiting for?











Those who want to improve your English, just come and see me.Those who want to have fun lesson, just come and see me. Those who are sick of boring classes, just come and see me. I can open a door to the new world for you!


Former Staff



Hi! My name's Adinda Angelica and I'm 20 years old. I'm originally from Indonesia and am currently on an exchange program studying Policy Science in Ritsumeikan University, Ibaraki. Back at home, I study Urban Planning and I am very much interested in issues on urban development and politics. 


During my free time, I love to read books, travel, and write. I love trying new out new things and learning from other people, so come on over and share your experiences too!



Hello everybody,


My name is Pierre, I am 21 years old and I come from France.


My major in university was Landscaping and at the same time I got my exam to be a personal trainer in the gym.

Last year I went to an international school in Toronto (Canada) to study English.

And now I am in Japan since October 2017.


I am in Japan with a working-holidays visa. I am learning Japanese in volunteer classes and working at the same time.


My hobbies are especially sports, travelling and learning new languages because it allowed me to be more open about our actual world and making my own opinion for different topics. I already travelled in England, Germany, Canada and now Japan.


I am really glad to be here in this English cafe to be able to share my young experience with you guys and to get in return your experience too.


I am really curious about everything and always want to learn more so please let’s share together our cultures and our experiences.


I am looking forward to meeting you and exchanging together.


So, please have a wonderful day, take care and see you soon in Cafe WA!




G'day! My name is Matt.  I'm from Brisbane, Australia.  I love playing tennis & darts.  


In class, I like students to teach me about Japan in English.  For example, festivals & the Tigers.  Look forward to seeing you around!   Cheers,





Hey there!

My name’s Sean, and I’m from the Philippines. Back in my home university, I’m a Linguistics major, and I’m minoring in Japanese. I’m in Japan right now for an exchange program, mainly so that I can brush up on my Japanese! I’m really into music and games, and I find different countries’ cultures, histories, and languages particularly interesting. 


Since I’m in Japan right now, and I’m really interested in learning more about what life is like here, don’t hesitate to start a conversation!








Good Day and nice to meet you here! I am Hong from Malaysia, 23 years old undergraduate student currently having exchange program in Osaka Japan! I can speak English, Chinese, Malay and also Cantonese fluently! 


My hobby? I will tell you more about myself when you ask me!


I am definitely like to hear new topics, perspectives, and your stories!


Together, let us make the world be a wonderful place!






Hello! My name is Josefine Kleespies and I‘m a university student from Germany. I study Japanology at my home university and now I‘m in Kansai University to improve my Japanese language skills.




My hobbies are reading and cooking. I like Japanese novels, although I can‘t read them in Japanese yet. I am very interested to talk with you about your interests. Please come and talk to me.






Nice to meet you, my name is Emma.


I come from Belgium, a small European country famous for its beer, chocolate, and waffles. Back in Belgium I was an university student majoring in Japanese. Right now I’m an exchange student at Kansai University.


My hobbies are travelling, taking pictures, watching movies, and eating. So I’m really happy to be living in Osaka because okonomiyaki is my favourite Japanese food.


I’m looking forward to talking to everyone and sharing our experiences.






Hello! My name is Jennifer, I am 20 years old, from Taiwan Taoyuan. I am currently studying at Kansai University as an exchange student. In my hometown university, I am majoring in Electronic engineering, though I study engineering, I still interest in  language and culture, so that I apply for the exchange program and start for it.


My hobby is writing calligraphy and traveling. I have learned it for 5 or 6 years, therefore, recentlyj  I joined the calligraphy circle in Kansai University, it was really awesome.


Japan is a really foreign-friendly and safe country, I wish to talk and speak English with everyone in English café wa.









Hello, everyone!


  My name is Phoebe. I’m from Taipei, Taiwan. I will study in Kansai University for one year.  I came to Osaka for improving my Japanese.  Also, I want to learn more about the differences between Japan’s culture and Taiwan’s culture. My major is Applied Linguistics and Language Studies. I’m a senior student in my home university.  I will graduate after going back to Taiwan.


  Normally, I like to watch movie during weekend.  I prefer old romantic movie. My favorite one is Note Book broadcasted in 2004.  Although it was an old movie, old type movies show deeper emotion than new type movie. Besides, I love travel. I can't live without traveling in my life.  Traveling can make me feel alive and have more passion with my life. I learned a lot from traveling such as reaction, communication, and adaptability.  The most important thing is traveling makes me love my home town more and more.


  I am really glad to be part of member in Wa Café.  I really enjoyed every moment when I talked to everyone.  I appreciated that lots of people willing to share their life experiences with me. Also, I am really willing to have conversation with every people in Wa café.  Please feel free to ask me questions.




Hi, I'm Aaron! I come from Seattle in the United States. I moved here in January 2014 and I'm enjoying my life in Japan. I've taught adults and kids of all ages at an English school in Kobe, and soon I will begin teaching at public schools in Osaka.


Before that, I worked at a hospital in the laboratory for ten years.


I studied Japanese language and literature at university, and I really love anything to do with language studies.


Another thing I love is good music, especially hip-hop and jazz. In my free time, I like to produce and remix hip-hop using jazz music.

I'm also very much into sports, and I've become a huge Hanshin Tigers fan. I'm looking forward to watching Tigers games at Koshien and seeing some Gamba Osaka matches as well. 


I want to meet lots of people and learn more about Japanese culture and everyday life. Of course, I'm excited to tell you everything I can about life in the U.S., too. I'm very outgoing and enjoy talking to everyone, so please come meet me!



Hi, everyone! My name is Young! I am from Korea, and since I used to live in Canada for 1 year and a half so surely I could speak English fluently. Also, since I am majoring in Japanese and Japanese Literature, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


 Now I am staying in Osaka, and I am studying at Kansai University as an exchange student. I love meeting and talking to new people so feel free to have conversation with me! Also, since I love watching movies and listening to music, you can also talk to me with these topics.


 I am so happy to be part of this experience, and I hope to meet you all in the future! Thank you!



アーロン T


Hello! My name is Aaron Ting and I'm from Malaysia. Hobbies are travelling and swimming. Love meeting new people, love talking to them so drop by the cafe and tell me all about your day, your week or anything that makes you feel passionate about cause I would love to hear them!
See you there!




Hello everyone.  My name is Jasen, and I've been an exchange student at Ritsumeikan since last September.  My major is international business.  I come from the United States, and my hometown is a relatively large city in California called Long Beach.  My hobbies are sports and video games.  I love to play basketball and golf.  I look forward to having a great conversation with everyone!







Hello everyone. I am Bee, and I come from Nuremberg, Germany. Right now I am an exchange student at Kansai University and my majors in my home university are Japanese and Economics. I came to Japan, in order to improve my Japanese language skills and to learn more about the culture and the people.


My hobbies are dancing, swimming and especially travelling, so I hope I can travel in Japan and see as much as possible.


I am looking forward to meet you guys and exchange different experiences.


Hope to see you soon J 








Hello everyone.


My name is Racheal. I’m from Australia.


I am an exchange student at Kansai University right now. I do not have a major but I study media. My hobby is karaoke ad drawing.




I am looking forward to having a wonderful conversation with you.








Hello everyone!


I am Haylee from Germany. I am currently living in Osaka, attending Kansai University as an exchange student and I am very interested in meeting new people, talking to them, exchanging stories and getting to know and to learn from each other. My field of interests covers a lot of topics so feel free to just come to our Café to have little chitchat in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy each others companies! I am looking forward to meeting you all.  

Hopefully soon, Haylee. 







Hello, I'm Connor. I used to work here in Cafe Wa back in 2013 but went back to England for a year. Now I'm studying Japanese in Kyoto and am living near the Silver Temple with my girlfriend Rhiannon, who also works here!


I love cats, I love sight seeing and I love food.


I look forward to talking to you all.


Many thanks


Connor Paul 









My name is Rhiannon and in England I live on a small island on the south coast called the Isle of Wight.


I have moved to Japan to learn about the culture here as well as experience living in a country different to my own.


I enjoy playing and listening to music. I play guitar, drums and ukulele. I also love animals and have four cats in England!


Let's enjoy speaking English.







Hey there, my name is Dennis and I come from Belgium. I've been in Japan for a little less than three months now and am currently enrolled at Kansai University. I do Japanese Studies at my home university, and plan on graduating the moment I get back there, which should be around August 2015.

I like Jazz (the music) and reading all kinds of things. Japanese novels are still a bit too difficult for me, so I'm trying to increase my vocabulary by reading manga aimed at adolescents and adults. I also play Igo now and again.

I'd love to hear about everyone's culture and how they feel about, so feel free to ask me the same thing.




Hi ! My name is Terrance, yet you can also call me T.K. I’m from the Netherlands and this is my 2nd time in Japan. In the year 2013 I came to Japan as an exchange student of Kansai Gaidai University for 4 months. I went back home to the Netherlands for 1,5 year…and now I’m back!


At the moment I’m doing my internship in Kyoto. My tasks are related to legislation from various countries regarding global warming and climate change.


I love to talk about everything.

My home country, politics, sports, culture, cars or even the cat that is sleeping near the station. 


I’m eager to meet you all.


 Let’s enjoy our talk and I’ll see you soon! T.K.


I came to Japan from Toronto, Canada in April 2013, so there's still so much to see and explore. I can't get over how beautiful this country is! 

I'm an adventurous, friendly, sports-lover with a nerdy streak. I love reading good books, being active and just generally being silly. Other things that make me happy? Cupcakes. Sunshine. Board games. Dancing. Comic books. Learning. Puppies.

Come and chat with me about anything! I'm looking forward to meeting you. ^_^



マイク (マイケル)


My name is Mike. I'm from New York. I am teaching English at a Junior High School.


I studied abroad in Nagoya for one year when I was in high school and made a lot of friends and had a lot of great experiences, which made me take a more serious interest in Japan.


I love music! I was a DJ in New York before I came to Japan and my dream is to become a big name DJ someday. I also like movies, especially action films, and super hero movies. I like to travel, but have only been to a few countries.





Hello everyone.


My name is Oscar Ruto Chemelil. I am a Kenyan currently participating in an Exchange Program to Japan from Kenya. It has been my dream to be in Japan for quite a number of years so having this opportunity is quite a remarkable experience. Being in Japan has taught me quite a lot about foreign cultures and myself as an individual.


My hobbies include writing, travelling, reading, and self-reflection ^^. It would be an honour to work with you and help you improve your English and hopefully in the process we can become friends. Together we can help each other achieve our goals.




  My name is Yan Naing Win and you can call me "Yan".  I hope it is easy to memorize.  I am an engineering student in OsakaUniversity and currently I am doing research which is related to ship designing for my doctoral degree.  In OsakaUniversity, we usually have English cafe session about 2 or 3 times a month in every semester.   It is actually a very good opportunity to raise a mutual relationship between Japanese students and foreign students.  We chatted different kinds of things, we made friends and we could create English speaking society that makes Japanese student to be more confident in speaking English as well as makes foreign students to get a warm society in Japan.  That is the fact that brings me to CafeWa.  Actually, I am very excited to meet Japanese people outside my university who are really interested in English and I hope we can have a very good chat in the future.  


Yan Naing Win




Hello, my name is Aaren, I am from America. I fell in love with Japan when I studied abroad in TochigiPrefecture in 2009-2010, while working on my Linguistics Degree. I could not wait to come back to Japan and am very glad that when I did I came to Kansai. I brought my wife with me when I came back in April of 2013 and since then we have welcomed our beautiful little girl to the world. I am an avid beer taster and enjoy hiking, weightlifting, and languages. I really enjoy the people I have been able to meet and talk with, while teaching English and look forward to meeting you!





My name is Kawira from Kenya. I am currently studying on an Exchange Program at Kansai Gaidai since August 2013.


I am a happy individual who enjoys singing, acting and listening to people tell stories about their lives. I am a writer and love writing about my experiences and observations. I have a passion for educating children and hope to ensure that children back In Kenya and Africa receive a quality education that will make them competitive in today’s world.


It shall be such fun interacting with you and listening to your stories and views.



Hi all, I am from Kenya and currently participating in a student exchange program at Kansai Gaidai University. My major is International Business Administration and my hobbies are reading books, traveling and playing tennis. I enjoy meeting new people and talking about our various experiences and sharing ideas about many different topics. Let us enjoy our time together learning from each other.




Hello, my name is Matthew. I am from Brooklyn, New York. I am currently living in Japan; working as an Assistant English Teacher in Suita, Osaka. In Brooklyn, I am usually occupying myself with writing or acting. Acting is a passion of mine, and it:s always been my dream to do voice over for cartoons or video games. Ever since the age of ten, I have been in love with Japanese culture, whether it be the language, the food, the history, or the pop culture. Having become a teacher her is really a dream come true, as it let me discuss my passions with people who are excited to listen, and people who are genuinely interested in learning the English language. I promise to do my best, and hope that we can learn English together in a fun and entertaining atmosphere!


Matthew Hunt



Hello! My name is Robin. I'm from all over the world, though I just moved to Osaka from Seattle, Washington. I graduated from PacificLutheranUniversity, majoring in political science and philosophy. I used to work as an archaeologist, as well as a writer in the video game industry. I worked on HAWKEN, TERA, Aion, and Xteel. Currently, I teach English in Suita and work on writing novels. My hobbies include books, travel, and sailing. I look forward to meeting you!







Hi, my name is Nate.  I am from Oklahoma, USA.  I enjoy photography, running, sight-seeing, and ceramics.  I am a graduate student.  Currently, I am in Japan working on my dissertation regarding intercultural communication between foreign English teachers and their Japanese coworkers.  I lived in Nara, near Yoshino Yama 2007-2009.  I enjoy studying Japanese language (especially Kansai-ben), culture, and shuji (calligraphy).  I look forward to meeting you!




Hello! I am Richelle Moore from America. I am studying at Kansai University as an exchange student. I am a native English speaker and a Japanese language learner, so I know what learning a foreign language is like! In America I tutored English and now that I am in Japan I want to help people practice. I am interested in tea ceremony, calligraphy, and other Japanese culture. I love animation and art, and reading books! Please talk with me about these things or anything else! See you soon!


Richelle Moore


Hello Everyone!

My name is Saran. I am currently an international student at Kansai Gaidai University. I am from America. My major is music production. I really love Japanese culture and I love talking with new people! Please come by and let's conversate about anything! See you soon!



I am Spanish man that lives in Takatsuki since last May. I learnt English in several schools in the past but the most important point is that I lived in England for longer than one year. Since then, I use English in my daily life and I wouldn't be able to live without it. English language has changed my life in many points, and if I can help you a bit to change your life through English conversation at WA cafe I would feel so much glad.

Come, meet me and we will learn but also we will have fun!




Hello, my name is Brant. I am from America, and right now I am studying at Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata-shi. I have been in Japan for around 7 months and I am truly enjoying my time here. My major in college is History and Asian studies, and I really like learning about Japanese history, in particular the Bakumatsu jidai and the sengoku jidai. My hobbies are reading, listening to music, painting and drawing and playing Go/I-go. I look forward to working at the English Café and I look forward to meeting lots of new people. Lets work hard together to practice English!!




Hello Everyone!

I`m Sergio, im from Colombia.

I can speak spanish, english and now learning Japanese.

I'm very interested in Japanese culture, festival, arts and history.

Also if you are interested in Latin culture, lets have a talk in English, of course.

Come to Wa, relax and improve your English skills, there is something always new to talk about it!



My name’s Ryan and I’m a third year student of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
I'm currently an exchange student at Kansai University, and will be here until February next year. I have been studying Japanese for 7 years, and am interested in nearly every aspect of Japanese culture, ranging from history to food to anime and video games. My hobbies include listening to music, reading, playing video games and having a chat over a cup of coffee.
I look forward to meeting all of you!




Greetings Everyone, my name is Tony and I am from the United States. I have been staying in Japan for close to half a year now as a student of Kansai University. I will be here until the beginning of winter in 2013. My hobbies include muay thai, boxing, soccer, video games, and reading news on foreign policy and international relations. I love talking about politics and nerdy things, but I enjoy conversing in general; there’s always something you can learn from someone. I hope to make good relations with all of you!  



Hello! My name is Ellie. I am from the state of North Carolina (5 hours south of Washington D.C.), United States. I lived there most of my life, but 3 years ago I moved to Arizona to attend Northern Arizona University ( located 2 hours from the grand canyon). I am currently doing a year of exchange at Kansai University, and have studied Japanese for roughly 5 years. My interests include drawing, Judo, anything Japanese related, politics, animals, and making many new friends.




My name is Samantha and I’m from the United States. I’m currently an exchange student from Kansai University and I’ll be attending there for another semester until late July. I came to Japan to improve my Japanese and learn about more about Japanese culture. My hobbies include drawing, soccer, and writing. I love traveling though, I’ve been to many different countries while growing up and traveling around the United States as well. I hope we all can have a fun time talking to each other!



Hello everyone, my name is Ayane! I am from New Zealand, and have just recently moved to Japan. Though my nationality is Japanese, because I have lived in New Zealand for most of my life, I speak both English and Japanese fluently.
I love reading, listening to music, and going on walks. And above all I love Japanese history and culture! I enjoy talking with people, not only because it is fun but also because I learn something new from others everyday. So please feel free to talk to me about anything!
I will be here until early March, so I hope I can talk to as many people by then! I look forward to meeting you all at the English Cafe Wa.



Hello everyone.  My name is Andre.  I am from Indonesia and I have been living in Japan since April 2005.  I am studying in Kyoto University now.  My hobby is playing badminton and futsal.  I play badminton once or twice a week with my friends.  I am really looking forward to speaking with many people, so please come and visit English Cafe Wa to talk with me.



Hi everyone! My name is Rosie and I am an exchange student from Australia! I am currently studying at Kansai University and will be living and studying in Japan until February of next year! I came to Japan with the intention of improving my Japanese language skills, to immerse myself in all of the excitement of the Japanese lifestyle and to enrich my understanding of both the chaotic urban and traditional faces of this country of contrasts and contradictions. I love to travel and explore and I especially enjoy meeting new people from different countries as well as to learn about their interests, their stories and their lives. Having been born in Australia and growing up there, I am a native English speaker and have deep interests in English and Japanese literature, Kanji, movies, music and poetry. Recently, I also began learning the art of Kendō at Kansai University. If you would like to talk about anything at all in English, please come and see me at English Café ! I am looking forward to meeting all of you!!!


Hi! My name is Jacqui and I'm from Germany. I learned English for 8 years back in school. I'm in Japan since this March and I will spend next one year here, studying at Kansai University. I'm very interested in everything that has to do with Japan, especially Japanese tradtions and Japanese history. I also like to talk about other cultures and everything that come into my mind. So if you want to talk in English please come to Wa.



Hi! My name is Brad Breiten. I am from a small town in New York in the United States. I am doing study abroad at Kansai Gaidai and have been studying there since January. I speak English, Spanish and a little Japanese. I have also studied sign language. I love to talk about everything from languages, to movies and dance, to whatever you want to talk about. I look forward to having interesting conversations with you at English Cafe 和 Brad


Hello, my name is German.

I am from Mexico, I am 25 years old, I like to spend some time programming and listening to music, I also like to study about Asian culture, I can speak Spanish, English and some basic Japanese.


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